June 7, 2023
How to Vacuum in Between Car Seats

Who doesn’t enjoy taking in a deep breath of crisp, fresh air when they turn on their car’s ventilation system? It only works out that way sometimes. With time, dirt, dust, and debris build up on the floor mats and in between car seats, becoming increasingly difficult to remove by hand. Assuming that you were searching for a post on the topic of “How to vacuum in between car seats?” this article is specially written for you.


The inside and outside of your car need to be cleaned and maintained correctly, and it’s great that you care about your vehicle cleaning and want to know how to vacuum in between car seats. But here another question arises:


Does it take a lot of work to maintain sanitary between the seats?


It should be pretty straightforward. However, you will need to know how to clean an automobile correctly. Additionally, here we will discuss how to vacuum in between car seats.

What is the need to know how to vacuum in between car seats?

The spaces between car seats are notoriously tricky to keep tidy. It’s only easy to clean with the right equipment because crumbs, dirt, and other debris can quickly fall into the cracks and crevices. A handheld vacuum can be a lifesaver when cleaning the spaces between seats.


To begin, hook the hose to the vacuum and run it between the seats to pick up any large pieces of debris. To avoid missing anything, you should move the vacuum slowly. The next step is employing the crevice tool or tight spot vacuum brush to access inaccessible areas. This attachment will allow you to quickly clean even the most inaccessible areas of your car. You can remove collected debris in a trash can with vacuum underneath.

Dry and wet vacuum cleaners for your car:


Dry and wet vacuum cleaners for car


At first appearance, it may seem unnecessary to use a wet and dry vacuum on your car. Even if you already have a vacuum and a mop, you should consider investing in a wet/dry vacuum cleaner since it will change how you clean your car and garage and your entire house.


Wet and dry vacuums are both suction materials, although their designs differ. The damp vacuum has a leak-proof container to collect water. The dry vacuum is designed to collect dirt and other dry debris. Water can damage the dry vacuum. Moving bristles help gather and drag dirt into the suction container, whereas a wet vacuum is a hose with attachments. A wet vacuum for car seats doesn’t have an effective air filtering system, so it’s inappropriate for interior use as it blows dust into the air.


You can read about reasons and solutions for smoke coming out of AC vent in car here.


A car seat wet vacuum is a suction-based tool that removes liquids from upholstery. It’s a standard tool for removing fabric discoloration and stains like carpeting and upholstery. Using a car seat wet vacuum cleaner has numerous advantages. The most obvious benefit is that it can aid in cleaning the seats and removing stains. Pet hair and other debris are no match for this method. Using a wet vacuum to clean car seats can also help revitalize the upholstery and restore its pleasant aroma.

Why is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner unnecessary?

Vacuum cleaners designed for indoor use are inadequate for use in a garage. A standard household vacuum cleaner would be rendered useless by the sawdust, more considerable debris, and possibly liquids typically found in a garage after a weekend of DIY projects.


It’s the same with washing your automobile. A standard vacuum is sufficient for quick cleanups or when the car isn’t too filthy. Since wet and dry vacuums are built to withstand more abuse, you can confidently take on more substantial tasks. Plus, it’s perfectly safe to use on accidental spills. If your car ever becomes muddy on the inside, having a decent dry and wet vacuum for car seats and a complete car interior is an intelligent investment because this water vacuum for car seats will remove the muck more effectively and prevents damage to your ordinary vacuum.

How to vacuum between car seats?


How to vacuum between car seats


Now come to the fundamental question; “How to vacuum in between car seats?”

To clean between car seats, you must wipe away any visible dust. It is also possible to utilize a car vacuum. You only need a vacuum hose and a hose adapter to get rid of the loose dust on your car seat. Pay particular attention to the backs and undersides of the chairs, as dust tends to accumulate here.


Seat seams come next, and the vacuum needs a crevice tool, which you must install. Using your fingers, open the seams along the back and bottom of the seat, and run the crevice nozzle straight along the seams. Focus your inspection efforts on the seat’s corners and the bottom-back connection.


Despite thorough cleaning, some dust remains embedded in the fiber. Get out the bristle brush and sweep away the settled dust. The vacuum’s hose and crevice tool can only pick up loose debris; they won’t be able to free the dirt lodged more profoundly in the crevices. This is the way how to vacuum tight spots in a car.

Step-by-step procedure to How to Vacuum in Between Car Seats:

Since there is so little room, cleaning in between the car seat and the console is a pain. Due to how closely they are joined together, cleaning them requires a significant investment of time and perseverance.


It is a step-by-step guide to give you an idea about how to vacuum in between car seats:


  • Clear it out if you keep anything in the space between car seats.
  • Put the vacuum on low and run it over both seats, the floor in front of the console, and the floor around the console to eliminate dust and filth.
  • Prepare the vacuum’s crevice tool and thoroughly clean the center console. The vacuum should be run along the side of the seats as well.
  • Put in the time to thoroughly vacuum the seats and center console to eliminate any lingering dust or debris.
  • The next step is to shake loose the tiniest particles. To clear the space between the seat and the console, as well as the crevices of the console itself, of dust and other small particles, use the air compressor. Use a dry microfiber towel to clean the surface.
  • A steam mop is up next. You can scrub the space between the armrest and the seat bottom. Use a steam cleaner on the stain and let it be there for a few minutes. Use a soft-bristled brush designed for interiors to carefully scrub the stain away once it has become loose, then let it dry.

How to Vacuum in Between Car Seats without damaging them:

Top 5 car vacuums to clean in between car seats:

Were you trying to find the most effective automobile vacuum?


This article serves as a primer, providing the fundamentals you need to make an intelligent purchase and figure out how to clean in between car seats. These options are versatile, affordable, and handy, making it easier for you to “how to vacuum in between car seats?” Here are some great deep clean car vacuum options for you to explore, whether you’re on a limited budget or can afford to splurge:

1.      ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner:


ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner


Amazon.com: ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Accessories, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Car Gifts for Men Who Have Everything – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel : Automotive

The ThisWorx auto vacuum is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to keep up with. In addition to being simple to operate and store, this car seat vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning up little spills and stains as they happen. It can be used without worrying about running out of battery life or finding a power source, as it can be plugged directly into the 12V outlet in your vehicle. You can toss it in the backseat or glove compartment until you need it.


This is a compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner. In contrast to more extensive shop vacuum-style car vacuums, this one plugs into your vehicle’s power outlet, eliminating the need to move it around the exterior of your car.


The power cord is the sole thing that limits the vacuum’s portability. However, if you have a minivan or third-row seating, you may find that the cord needs longer to reach back there. It may be easily disassembled at the front for disposal. You can use the supplied brush to clean the filter if it gets dusty.


  • Carrying case with practical extras
  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Effective suction power

  • It possibly releases a mist of dust and ash out of the exhaust vent.
  • The nozzle’s tip is susceptible to becoming clogged with debris.

2.      VacLife Handheld Vacuum:


VacLife Handheld Vacuum, Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, Red (VL188-N)


Amazon.com: VacLife Handheld Vacuum, Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, Red (VL188-N) : Home & Kitchen

The Vaclife handheld vacuum is a manoeuvrable device that facilitates the cleaning of inaccessible spaces. As a result of its small form factor, it is convenient to carry along. Adding to its already impressive portability is the fact that it is both lightweight and compact. This guarantees that you can fit it in a remote location, such as a cabinet.


Try the Vaclife handheld cyclone vacuum’s well-thought-out design to clean with minimal effort. The handle is ergonomically designed to be easy on the hands. Suction strength and on/off controls are located directly above it. The buttons are conveniently located next to the handle, making them easy to use.


Small and large particles alike are no match for the powerful suction of this Vaclife handheld vacuum cleaner. You may adjust the suction to suit your needs, allowing you to clean virtually anything. The vacuum cleaner took care of whatever you needed, from carpets to automobile seats to bare floors.



  • Functional on a wide range of substrates
  • Convenient portability and little weight
  • Forceful sucking
  • Filters using High-Efficiency Particulate Air


  • Designed exclusively for use in the dry cleaning process

3.      Shark UltraCyclone Pro:

Amazon.com – Shark UltraCyclone Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum, with XL Dust Cup, Green –


Shark UltraCyclone Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum, with XL Dust Cup, Green


The price and performance of vacuum cleaners can vary greatly. Furthermore, there is the Shark UltraCyclone Pro. It’s not the cheapest choice, but it’s also not the priciest. But in this sweet spot, you may get a vacuum that meets your needs without breaking the bank.


It’s a fantastic value, considering how portable and straightforward it operates. The Shark UltraCyclone Pro lasts long, while its lower-priced competitors often break after only a year or two.


As a durable option, it can be used for many auto cleanings. It’s a fantastic option, but it has its challenges. Neither as potent nor as well-equipped as more expensive alternatives, but you can accept those drawbacks for this price. Also, it has enough muscle to handle most automotive issues with ease.



  • Excellent balance between cost and value.
  • Possible lightweight substitute
  • Non-tethered layout
  • Permanent determination


  • Disappointing compared to other possibilities
  • Is missing add-ons

4.      Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:


Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Corded, Small, Dry Hand Held Vac With Cord, SD20005RED, Red


Amazon.com – Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Corded, Small, Dry Hand Held Vac With Cord, SD20005RED, Red – Household Vacuum Bags Upright

The Dirt Devil Scorpion is a good choice if you don’t want to spend too much on your next vehicle vacuum but need something that gets the job done. The price is unbeatable, yet it has more suction power than comparable models that cost much more.


You only need a standard 110-volt power outlet, which weighs only three pounds. The power chord is only 16 feet long, so keep that in mind. In some cases, that won’t be an issue, but in others, you’ll want to grab an extension cord.


It’s not hard to see why the Dirt Devil Scorpion is so well-liked; it has strong suction and costs very little. To be honest, the Dirt Devil Scorpion’s longevity is the one reason it isn’t higher on our list. Although it will last for some time, it is not the most long-lasting choice we provide.



  • Reasonably priced
  • Constant, intense, and powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Facilitated use


  • Corded
  • A standard electrical plug is required.
  • Lacking in durability


5.      HOTOR Car Vacuum High Power:


Car Vacuum High Power, HOTOR Portable Car Vacuum DC 12V 16.4 Ft Corded Handheld Auto Accessories Kit for Car Interior Detailing - Black & Orange


Amazon.com: Car Vacuum High Power, HOTOR Portable Car Vacuum DC 12V 16.4 Ft Corded Handheld Auto Accessories Kit for Car Interior Detailing – Black & Orange : Automotive

Here you get the best value among working automobile vacuum cleaners. It’s not made by one of the industry’s major players, but that helps Hotor keep the price low. This vacuum has a dual filtration system, weighs only 2.4 pounds, and can easily store away because of its compact size and portability. If your car’s battery is still alive, you can keep using it because it plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket that operates at 12 volts.


The quality of the components used, unfortunately, is also a contributing factor to the low price. The vacuum is fine picking up debris when functioning correctly; the problem is that it only lasts for a short time as the other vehicle vacuums on our list.


Furthermore, it lacks the strength of more expensive alternatives. It’s serviceable enough for typical uses, but it could be better.



  • Extremely cheap
  • Plus, it acts as a filter
  • Easy to operate
  • Unbelievably flimsy


  • Lacking in durability
  • It’s not the strongest


Hope this guide is helpful for you to get an idea of how to vacuum in between car seats and what kind of vacuum cleaner you require for this job.

Suppose you’re still confused after reading this buyer’s guide about which car vacuum is best for you and your vehicle. It is recommended to strike a perfect balance between affordability and effectiveness when buying a vacuum cleaner.


Don’t put off buying a car vacuum any longer than necessary; those messes won’t get cleaned up on their own.